Audience Session:

Defining Your Target Audience

Defining Your Target Audience Will Lead To Better Marketing Campaigns. The More Accurate Info We Know The Better Your Campaign Will Perform

Why Schedule An Audience Session

The Better Way Of Promotion

Higher Conversion Rate

What: Ad or Sales Page CR = Determines whether copy and design are strong enough to convert people

Why: Is your ad or sales copy strong enough?

How: # of Visitors/# of Sales

Ex: 1,000 visitors generated 10 sales. Conversion rate of page = 1%

Better ROAS

What: How much money you made on your ad spend

Why: Is your ad profitable?

How: Total Sales divided by Total Ad Spend (expressed as a ratio)

Ex: $1,000 in sales, spent $200 on ads = 1000/200 = 5x ROAS (you made 5x your ad investment)

Improved CPA

What: How much it costs for you to get a customer?

Why: Are you advertising profitably?

How: Ad spend divided by total # of sales?

Ex: $2,000 spent on ads, made 20 sales so CPA = $100/sale

Cheaper Cost Per Click

What: How much it costs for you to get a click from a customer?

Why: Are your ads converting well? ( > 2% ideal)

How: Ad Spend divided by Total # of unique clicks

Ex: $200 spent on ads, got 100 clicks = $2 CPC 2% Conv Rate = $100


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have the answers about my Persona?

That is okay we can still run a more generalized campaign with the information you are able to provide. Generally tough the more accurate details you know about your target audience the better the marketing campaign will go.

Why Do You Charge For This Audience Session?

It is a deep dive session that takes a few hours to define however by knowing this information we can write much higher converting ad copy where the audience reader would have a higher probability of following through with offer placed that is within the Ad.