Heavenya Grow Your Small Group Offer

How To Host A Successful Event Without A Long Learning Curve Even If It's Your First Event.

Join A Community Of Experienced Christian Event Organizers To Shorten Your Learning Curve By Sharing Problems, Asking Questions, And Forming Partnerships.

Sharing Fellowship Ideas

Accelerate Collaboration

  • Introduce Yourself: Share about your background.

  • Trip Templates: Exchange group vacation trip templates for planning your next group outing with more work done for you beforehand.

Share Problems

Share problems you are facing along the journey of growing your group.

  • ​Solutions: Share a problem that you are facing and gather unique insights from Small Group Leaders.

  • Learn Quicker: The diverse perspective insights can lead to great insights helping you solve the problem effectively in less time.

Ask Questions

Ask questions and receive answers from other experienced small group leaders.

  • Answers: Run your questions by Small Group Leaders who can share timeless wisdom.

  • Save Time: Get essential questions answered on the journey to growing your group.


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