Heavenya Christian Event Promotion Offer

How To Sell Out Your Event Without Hiring Full Time Marketers Even If You Only Have A Limited Budget.

Learn a Solution that can pack out your Christian Event.

Google Ads Past Results

Meta/Facebook Ads Past Results

Meta/Facebook Ads

With Image Or Video Promotion

  • ​Ad Placements: Runs ads for Facebook, Instagram, and Whats'App from the same place.

  • Ad Types: Image or Videos

  • Why Meta: Why Meta: Its combined platforms reaches Billions of people per month. There is a very good chance with local targeting we can promote your event in front of people who will be interested.

Meta/Facebook Ads

Promoting Videos On YouTube

  • Ad Placements: Run ads an YouTube or Google PPC Campaigns so you show up in Search.

  • Ad Types: Text or Video

  • ​​Why Google: Google Receives 2+ Trillion Searches Per Year and is the owner of YouTube with over 1B hours of videos watched every single day.

Tiktok Ads

Promoting Short Form Videos

  • Ad Placements: Tiktok

  • Ad Types: Short Videos

  • Why Tiktok: Promote on the fastest growing new social media platform be where over 1B+ people already are and it only came out in 2016. Also because of their algorithum it is the easiest channel to go viral on.

Case Study

The Send

"We Were A Minor Contributor To The 40,000+ People Who Showed Up"

The Send took place at Getha Field At Arrowhead Stadium Where The Kansas City Chiefs played football.

- Attended the promotion meetings on zoom prior to going.

Key Learnings From The Send


  • Awesome video production

  • Solid social media promotion

  • Collaborated with high-end influencers

  • Had tremendous headliners

  • Had established musicians performing

  • Encouraged word of mouth

  • High energy

  • Impact measurement clearly defined.


The sets a tremendous standard on what we can do for promoting with video production, ensuring a clear understanding of what will attract a larger audience. Building a campaign and making sure to show the key headliners is essential along with having a clear purpose for what the impact is after people attend the event. Collaborating with influential people as much as possible will help, and also having distribution systems to be in front of your target audience is going to be essential to have successful promotion at larger scale.

Case Study

Healing The Land By Pure Assembly

"We Were A Medium Contributor To The 1,000+ People Who Showed Up "

Healing The Land By Pure Assembly took place at Notre Dame University

- Attended meetings on zoom and connected Facebook and Google Ad professionals to promote on 2 week short notice.

Key Learnings From Healing The Land


  • The goal was to get at least 1000 people and we achieved it.

  • A great venue for the event which was the Joyce Center at Notre Dame University.

  • We worked with a lady who had connections to Christian radio.


Make sure to give yourself enough time to plan in advance for not just the event setup but also the entire sales funnel of the promotion.


Does this sound like you?

  • This is not for small group outings

  • This not for non christian event

  • This is not for those not prepared to invest in marketing.


Modern Digital Solution For

Sold Out Tickets

A process that will get the word out to the people who are likely to attend.

  • ​Events Crawled: 10,000+ Christian Events

Come Out With A Positive ROI

Return On Investment From Your Event.

Our process is tailored to provide an ROI on your event.

  • ​Guarantee: If we don't generate a positive ROI for you on your event we will give a full refund on labor. Keep in mind this doesn't include ad spend.


Build Your Contact List For More Lifetime Value.

Even beyond the ticket sales we create a process that doesn't just promote this event but gathers contact information with a follow up process for the long term so you can stay in touch with future offerings to your audience.

  • ​Leads Generated: We have successfully generated 100+ Opts In Leads With Less Than $45.


Does this sound like you?

  • You're a Christian event organizer who are able to invest into the marketing promotion for their event.

  • You are ready to invest into the marketing promotion

  • You have a experience that people want to return in the future.


Ready To Max Out Your Venue?

We will help you sell more tickets for you to generate a positive return on investment from this event. The lifetime value of the leads that shared their information alone without a ticket will be valuable for you to communicate in the long term beyond this event. We can operate at a minimum of 2 weeks of promotion before the event all the way to 1 year+ in advance. You can do nothing and stay where you are at or adapt to bless more people.


Does this sound like you?

  • Is Your Service Free Or Paid?

This is a paid service we charge based on your event to ensure an ROI. We can start with as low as $5 per day with no labor cost until you see results such as leads and ticket sales.

If the campaign is successful we charge performance fees. Ticket price x total tickets x .15 = our monthly labor rate. Then your ad spend is added.

  • Do you have a refund policy?

Some of our services do but custom marketing does not.


What We Do

This service was developed after hearing christian events were lacking in attendance. We saw a need to help them get more exposure to people who would likely attend. The best way would be to help adopt mainstream digital marketing practices to be able to connect with the target audience.

We will be driving attendance to your event through a digital marketing campaign.

We will create a landing page to collect name, email, and phone numbers for you to import into your CRM system lowering your ad cost instead of sending attendees directly to your website or event page. Working together we form a digital strategy that helps you have a larger contact list and increased longer term attendance for events on your own or with us.


Get Started Today 100% Risk-Free

If we don't generate a positive ROI for you on your event we will give a full refund on labor. Keep in mind this doesn't include ad spend.