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Sharing Personal Stories

"Ski Trip"

It's pretty safe to say that all of us have varying levels of closeness with various people in our lives. There was one person on the ski trip who I never really talked to her as much as other people in our community which is something I'm not really proud of. That ski trip was, where God showed me an opportunity to connect with this person.

The cabin and the car rides back and forth from Lake Tahoe were very memorable just because we got to spend a lot of time on just sharing our experiences in life, alongside themes of Christianity themes of Jesus in there as well.

- Albert Son

"Young Professional Community Group"

I recently moved here from North Carolina, where I lived for five years and during pandemic 2020. I did have friends at this time in my life. When I heard about the Young Professionals group I decided to come visit and one thing that stood out to me was how they shared their individual experiences. We would learn from each other, and share our spiritual goals. I really appreciate the accountability that takes place throughout each week.

- James Buterra


When I arrived to YWAM Kona we got to share quality time together just the three of us.

Next to the beach there was a downtown area with quite beautiful campus.

This was really nice especially for those of us who have day jobs like myself in the Bay Area working at a tech company. We don't always have that time just solely to praise and worship.

- Gabby Kwon

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Sharing Personal Stories

"Mount Hermon Mens Retreat"

I met a friend who went to the same college.

We are in the same small group just spending time together was good and I got to bond with some people outside of normal groups.

We carpooled up someone I didn't really know him at the start. Throughout this whole retreat I got to know him better. He has been through so much and hearing about his background story really inspired me.

- Wei Zhu

"Living Water Outreach"

I had never served the homeless before.

We went with a diverse age group from our church, from middle school to even as old as people in their sixties.

I noticed the squalid conditions of these homeless encampments.

After doing this for the past several months, I realized that everyone needs Jesus regardless of socioeconomic status. It doesn’t matter if you’re poor or rich.

- Alvin Kang

"Hume Lake Trip"

"When you picture an ideal summer camp, Hume Lake is what comes to mind."

"If you want to find something to do, you will find something to do, whether you're a believer or not."

"These activities are a great starting point for people to begin talking more about their faith, and where they're at with God."

- Jake Zaionz